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7FT Perimeter Billiard® LED Pool Table Light

7FT Perimeter Billiard® LED Pool Table Light

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Perimeter Billiard® Lights for 7-Foot Pool TableArena

Modern Design
With a sleek satin black finish, Perimeter Billiard® table lights feature a rectangular frame that adds a touch of modern elegance to any billiard setting. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, our pool lighting fixture ensures a professional-grade lighting scheme for both residential and commercial environments.

Tournament-Grade Brightness
Perimeter Billiard® Lights, a newcomer to professional-grade pool table lighting, meets and surpasses WPA tournament specifications. These lights provide consistent flicker-free illumination, minimizing ball shadowing and center table glare with an even distribution of light at an average of 1000 LUX.

Perfect Sizing
Our billiard lamp sizes perfectly match the pool table playing surface. Lights are designed right above the pool table rails allowing you to create professional-grade live streams without color imbalances, hot spots, and aspect ratio flaws from traditional lighting.

Easy DIY Installation
Designed for easy DIY installation, assemble the lighting segments on your billiard table effortlessly. Achieve the ideal ceiling-to-light distance with Perimeter Billiard®'s lightweight design. The adjustable suspension system supports flat and sloped ceilings. Simply plug and play.


  • Dimension: 43.3'' x 82.7'' x 2.4''
  • LED width: 2.75 inch
  • Power: 100-277v
  • Color temperature: Color Temperature: 5,500k
  • LED rated life: 50,000 hrs
  • CRI: 85+
  • Energy consumption: 154 w
  • Light output: 13,800 lumens
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Mounting system: Adjustable suspension cables
  • Recommend height: 75’’-90’’ from ground or 45’’-60’’ from tablecloth
  • Dim function: Plug and play with remote (no hardwiring needed)
  • Certification: CE certified

Easy installation

Perimeter light comes in 6 segments. The standard 8' long suspension cable allows you to adjust the light height easily over the table. The Instruction manual and all hardware are included for a quick installation.

*The light comes with a plug, you can also remove it for hardwiring.

*Standard 8' suspension cables can work with up to 16ft tall ceilings. Extra long suspension cables can be provided with a special request at no cost.


Warranty: 2-Year


Free shipping to the contiguous United States, extra shipping may apply to the rest of the places at checkout. We do ship worldwide.

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Center Light vs Perimeter Billiard® Light


Center light vs Perimeter light

  • WPBA Official pool table light


    Perimeter Billiard® LED lighting fixtures are the official lights for numerous professional tournaments.

    20+ Countries

    100+ Pool Halls

    3000+ Customers

    4000+ Lights Sold

    Stats updated on Dec, 2023

  • billiard table light - even brightness distribution


    Perimeter Billiard® table lights overcome the issue of center table glare owing to its even distribution of light. Since the light originates around the perimeter of the pool table and extends inward.


    Our pool table lamp enables you to produce high-quality video streams, free from color imbalances, hotspots, and aspect ratio flaws often associated with traditional center lighting. In addition our perimeter light allows for a greater range of camera placements.

How long does it take to receive my order?

When marked as in-stock, delivery within the contiguous United States generally takes 3-5 days. For international orders, please allow 10-15 days for delivery.

Can I add a dimmer switch to the non-dimmable light?

No. If you plug them into a wall dimmer switch it will burn the drivers and void the warranty. The dimmable model will only dim with the remote that comes with the light, it does not dim with a dimmer switch either.

How high should a Perimeter Billiard® pool table light be installed?

We recommend hanging the light 75-90 inches from the floor or 45-60 inches from the table surface.

Is it possible to use a smaller-sized light for a larger table?

For cost or space considerations, the answer is YES. However, we highly recommend using a light of the same size as the table for optimal results.