Explore a gallery of customer photos featuring Perimeter Billiard Lights on 8-foot, 9-foot, and 10-foot (carom/snooker) billiard tables. Gain inspiration from the creative ways residential and commercial pool halls have incorporated our products to enhance the enjoyment and aesthetic appeal of their game rooms.

The Signature Collection

Residential Testmonials

Modern billiard table and light setup in a living room

9FT Perimeter Light
@Chambers, NB, US

LED pool table and light in residential living room

Perimeter Light with Rasson
@Studio City, CA, US

Perimeter Billiard light nd diamond pool table setup in garage

7FT & 9FT Perimeter Lights
@Chino Hills, CA, US

10 feet perimeter lights hang over  snooker tables in a billiard room

10FT Perimeter Light for Snooker

original (1).jpg__PID:68e0af37-680b-44a8-a715-cd6f423388d4

Perimeter Light - Diamond Table
@Beaverton, OR, US

Perimeter Light with Brunswick
@Apeldoorn, Netherlands

original (5).png__PID:e5b868e0-af37-480b-a4a8-2715cd6f4233

Perimeter Light - Rasson Table
@Cocagne, Canada

Perimeter Blliard light with a rasson pool table on a tournament

Perimeter Light with MR-SUNG

Perimeter LED table light over a Rasson 9ft pool table

9FT Perimeter Light with Rasson
@Hughesville, MD, US

38.9ft_Agano City, Japan.JPG__PID:7f1fa192-1c38-4a04-b0a4-c2212d88ec68

Perimeter Light - Diamond Table
@Agano, Japan

Modern pool table light in an apartment

8FT Perimeter Light
@Omaha, NE, US

original (12).jpg__PID:4108ac96-40e9-462e-b527-08b22e352410

7FT Perimeter Light with Valley
@Franklin, TN, US


We do things differently

Before and after photos from our customers. Traditional central billiard lights causes issues like color imbalances, hotspots and aspect ratio flaws. Perimeter Billiard lights make every corner visible and improve your game experience.

 For Billiard Rooms

perimeter billiards lights in a billiard room

Perimeter Lights with Diamond
@Waycross, GA, US

Pool hall with Perimeter Lights

Pool room with Perimeter Lights
@Kittanning, PA, US

New Aesthetics For Billiard Room 

Perimeter Billiard lights pairs well with modern billiard room.

We'll keep our best to make our customers happy. 

Perimeter Billiard lights collection