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Perimeter Billiard® Ball Cleaner/Polish Machine

Perimeter Billiard® Ball Cleaner/Polish Machine

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  • A fully automatic ball washing/polishing machine with a 4-corner base makes the machine more stable during operation.
  • 16 independent ball cleaning ports, cleaning at the same time once power’s on. (Only fits American Pool Balls)
  • The whole cleaning process takes 2 min 24 sec, it runs for 1 minute then automatically reverses direction for another minute and shuts off when the cleaning cycle is complete.
  • The smooth quiet electric motor spins the balls at over 1000 RPM for the highest gloss shine. The ventilated air outlet allows the motor to dissipate heat quickly and cool down fast.
  • Compact and elegant design in black with a touchscreen control to show a countdown timer.
  • Power: 110v


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